Yellow Paint.

I saw this today. You probably need to read it first before you read this. Because “yellow paint” sounds odd by itself. Kind of lonely without any explanation as to why I’m talking about yellow paint. Nevertheless – I want to talk about the yellow paints of our lives. Or I guess in this case , my life. My yellow paints at one point became self harm, including myself in a life where I ran away from everything, stealing, and drinking. All super unhealthy but I thought it would bring me happiness. Of course it did for a second, but after that second it only became sadness again. And don’t worry I’ll spare you the sappy details of how I met my first love and how he took away my want for those yellow paints. But the moral is that everyone , at some point, will have at least one yellow paint, and that is okay. But you cannot keep this color. For you must learn to change it out for better colors. Because if you keep this want for thing that are not good for you , you simply will not be you anymore. But a wall hiding problems beneath a thin layer of paint. And if I’m telling the truth there are much prettier colors than yellow.

However, have you ever seen an acrylic painting? Have you watched the artist take the brush and blend the most odd colors together and somehow, some way, form a masterpiece? Well, if yellow is the bad things in life we do to try to make ourselves happy there has to be other colors attached with other emotions. Although I do believe our canvases are pure when we are born. What sort of picture would our lives be at the end if they didn’t include some of every color? In other words I don’t think anyone can live their life without trying this yellow paint, and sometimes those mistakes or bumpy roads can be the very things that define us. So explore, try things, mess up, make mistakes, but most importantly learn.


Author: Cassie Campbell

Honestly? I love poetry, good books, and writing. I may not seem interesting (and maybe to you I'm not) but hey my words are naked and they are how I express.

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