Shallow Thoughts

Sometimes simply writing is not enough. Sometimes it is not enough to express the whirling winds of my mind. A pure paragraph cannot make you see into my soul and drink in the intensity of my bones, but poetry? Poetry can. So here we go.

Shallow Thoughts 

She’d learnt to keep a shallow mind

So people didn’t have to swim

and it led them to think they knew

the thoughts she held within

but below the wading pool she’d made

Was a world left unexplored

An ocean of her feelings                                                                                                                        hidden under the pool’s floor

the waters turned to blackness

Where not even she dared to go

stretching from behind her eyes

to the ends of all of her toes

she didn’t want to dive right down

And find what lay hidden there                                                                                                          Because she knew with all of the deep water

come a deadly lack of air

but she didn’t foresee the lonely boy

who found a crack in her cement

Broke free of her wading pool

and into the darkness he went

he told her not to fear her thoughts

as he took her by the hand

and went with her to places

that their lungs could not withstand

in their new-found love they both forget

the importance of their breath

and interwoven in the world they’d found

they both drowned in its depths.

Author: Cassie Campbell

Honestly? I love poetry, good books, and writing. I may not seem interesting (and maybe to you I'm not) but hey my words are naked and they are how I express.

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