Truth is, no matter how strong you are, at some point you will hit rock bottom, and it will feel like the world is collapsing beneath your feet; but darling, the only person who can get you back on the surface is yourself.

This is what I whispered to an empty car. The cold newly autumn air rushed in the windows and blew my hair around, for such a busy street it really was quiet. I don’t remember the drive. The feeling of loneliness gripped me tight around my chest, but it was comforting. Instead of the sadness that usually fills the hole that is there,  I felt stronger. Like I was finally realizing that the person I wanted to be there so bad, would be if they wanted. I realized I can succeed with just purely me. Right now I barely drag myself to work and its hard to even clean or eat or even do much of anything, but I push myself. I get out of bed and I work my ass off and one day I will be on top again. I do not need someone to get me there. I am powerful and strong, I’m just down right now.


I’m not really trying to convince you, if anyone ever reads this, but trying to convince myself. It’s the best I can do….. for now.

Author: Cassie Campbell

Honestly? I love poetry, good books, and writing. I may not seem interesting (and maybe to you I'm not) but hey my words are naked and they are how I express.

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