Like This

The air smells sort of rusty, the grass is bright green and droplets hang from the blades edges, the sky is a dull gray and fog fills the atmosphere. It’s days like this that I think about everything. I think about how many days were just like this and how many I spent thinking about where I’d be years from now. Well, here I am. My surroundings are the same but everything has changed. Nothing has been the same. On those days I had a drunken father passed out on the couch in the living room, I had tons of schoolwork that I cared too much about, I had bills to pay as a child, I had worries about whether or not I would have food that night, and I had a runaway mother and a dead brother. This time around I have a future, I have a man I’m madly in love with and plan on spending my life with, I have a nice car, I have a little sister, I have family (even though we aren’t perfect), I have a job and I no longer worry about whether not I will be able to eat. Life is crazy and God works in crazy ways. But days like this make me damn grateful.



Author: Cassie Campbell

Honestly? I love poetry, good books, and writing. I may not seem interesting (and maybe to you I'm not) but hey my words are naked and they are how I express.

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