I take a deep breath that reaches every corner of my lungs. I close my eyes and feel the sunlight hit the skin on my eyelids through a dirty windshield. There are hundreds of people around this car right now, maybe more. But do they have any idea? Do they know that the girl in the car beside me is yelling into a phone as her baby cries in the backseat, she hung up the phone and has been gripping her steering wheel for about 10 minutes and looks like she could use years of sleep. And it’s crazy because it isn’t the same situation, but at many points in my life I was her. I was the girl who’s knuckles were turning white because that steering wheel represented my life and I was pleading for myself to hang on. I’m taking a deep breath because like she will, I got through it. But did I see that? Absolutely not. No , in that second I was trying to find a will to live, I was trying to figure out why my life has a purpose and then one day- without even realizing it , it got better. And slowly my grip relaxed and I had the strength to put the car in drive. Here I am, some time later and I can’t even tell you all of the reasons I was crying (if one at all) but I do know I broke. My life is like this clay pot that keeps getting shattered; however, every time I have to fix it I fill the cracks with gold and that tiny clay pot became bigger, stronger, and worth so much more. So yes it will hurt. It may drag every inch of life out of you , you may feel like just completely giving in but remember that these are the moments that make you. I sat here for about thirty minutes praying for that girl that I don’t even know. What’s even crazier is that she had no idea and all of the people surrounding us has no clue what she is going through and neither do I , really, but I do know the feeling. So be kind. And if you are in a situation that makes you feel like throwing your hands up and putting in your two week notice for life- don’t. Don’t quit right before the promotion you’ve been waiting years for. Because it never seems like it but all of those things you never thought you’d get through? Well you did. And you’ll keep doing it. I believe in you. And so should you.

Author: Cassie Campbell

Honestly? I love poetry, good books, and writing. I may not seem interesting (and maybe to you I'm not) but hey my words are naked and they are how I express.

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